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Riesling Steingut

Riesling Steingut

The best Riesling grapes of the winery, hand-picked and fully ripe,
are fermented each year in a more than 100 years old stoneware container. It is not a closed tank, but a container with a lid, so that Tina Pfaffmann can communicate with this wine in person; she looks the wine "in the eye" on a daily basis....

This creates a very special Riesling where the minerality of the
location and the stoneware come into their own to perfection.

A classy one, this Riesling, whose body will come more into its
own with the passing of time.

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drink temperature: 8 - 10°C

Riesling Steingut

  • Riesling
  • Pfalz - Germany
  • Pfaffmann
  • Tina Pfaffmann
  • 2009
  • Special offer

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