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Wine that tastes like summer

The fruity mineralic White: Riesling!

There is no way to ignore the great grape from Germany this summer.

From dry over residual-sweet to sweet variants there are a lot of tastes possible.

This example of the Saar river comes from the cool steep lay Herrenberg, is vinificated in stainless steel and in large wood casks. The clear Riesling has reasonable, non-paralyzing 11% alc. and is dry with a whiff of residual-sweet. Fruity mineralic in the nose, fresh animating at the pallet with well integrated acid. The elegant Riesling comes very well with an Apéro and with fish.

(Peter Keller) 


NZZ am Sonntag, 26.06.2011, Rubrik Wein-Keller.



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