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Makis Mavridis & Angelos Iatridis

Years of experience, initially separately in various Greek vineyards, finally have brought Makis Mavridis and Angelos Iatridis together in Amynten in the northwest of Greece in order to realize their imagination of viniculture on absolutely natural basis by maximum protection of the “raw material” grapes.

The well-educated viticulturist Mavridis and the oenologist Iatridis do not count primarily on machines but on human handcraft, guided by the feeling and the soul to respect nature as the origin of the natural product wine and to treat them ecological accordingly to sustain the typicity of the grapes and the terroir of the Florina region.

The winery in the middle of the vineyards to assure shortest transport distances, harvest at the coolest hours of the day or in special refrigerators to protect the grapes against heat, use of gravity in order to press or stress the grapes as minimum as possible during transport, a cellar architecture to guarantee absolute quietness to let the wine mature and age in the casks without any disturbance – viniculture well elaborated in all details in the land of Dionysos.

The first letter of the Greek alphabet ALPHA stands for the top quality and grants the vineyard its name: ALPHA ESTATE, the endmost tuned process of winemaking towards the ecosystem nature lasts until OMEGA, the final letter of the Greek alphabet.

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