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Herbert Zillinger

A headstrong character, unconventional, with plenty of feeling and as much nature as possible: this is wine in symbiosis with its vintner.

With trust in the strength of the vines, which it is better to let ripen naturally than process later in the cellar in order to make up for anything that is lacking, the vintner creates individual wines according to his own clear ideas not along conventional lines, but with their own unique character.

The third generation of his family, Herbert Zillinger took over responsibility for the wine-growing estate and cellar in Ebenthal in the southern wine area near Vienna in Austria. Not young and wild, but traditional and down-to-earth, he takes over the experience of his father, underpinned with excellent training in wine and fruit growing, as well as being a graduate of the Wine Academy.

The unique feature of the dry and warmest winegrowing region of Austria is the nutrient-rich loess soil consisting of various minerals and rocks, which is excellent at storing moisture and providing support to the vines.

In his passion and his life devoted to wine, Herbert Zillinger is supported by his entire family in the same manner as the vines also find support in the unique loess soil: a vintner living in symbiosis with his wine!

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