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Gloria Mathern

What is needed if one – all of the sudden – has to take over as a career changer a vineyard in the best layer of the Nahe river? Of course courage, a little bit of luck and nevertheless cheerfulness after the destiny has taken the life of your love, father and well-known vintner Helmut Mathern.

And Gloria Mathern has begun moving her way, with courage, luck and cheerfulness to create wines - in the spirit of her husband - that grow on the terroir of volcanic origin in the area of Niederhausen, the Grand Cru layers of the Nahe river. Riesling will be produced predominantly, whereof the selection (‘Auslese’) is unique.

However, Gloria Mathern has not given up entirely her original profession: she renovated the old school house nearby the vineyard to become a beautiful vacation home – and she has done it with the same love and passion as she is running now her vineyard.

One has to take courage, not to lose cheerfulness – then fortune will come as well: Gloria Mathern is the proof!

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