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Dr. Jochen Siemens

 A historian and political scientist is making wine history: Dr. Jochen Siemens first wrote for the "Frankfurter Rundschau", then for the magazine "Alles über Wein" (Everything about Wine), and now he is making the wine himself.

Was it the past of the first wine-growing estate on the River Saar - founded in 1898 and so steeped in history - which instigated the intellectual and passionate career changers Dr. Jochen Siemens and his wife Dr. Karen Siemens to take it over in 2006?

Or even earlier the manor house made of natural stone, built by Clemens Freiherr von Schorlemer zu Lieser, the then Minister of Agriculture in Prussia - similar to a château - with the two-storey vaulted cellar, in which the wine is gently produced by means of gravity instead of with pumps?

Even the recent rise in global temperatures has been beneficial to the ripening process of the Riesling and Burgundy vines, which grow on the cool steep slopes of the Serriger Herrenberg with its blue slate soils and the Würtzberg with its humus-containing red slate soil.

As a result the future of the slightly mineral to spicy mineral-flavoured wines from the historic house of Dr. Siemens is secured – and its wine history continues.

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